Surf Coaching Vic

Female Surf Coaching for Females. 

Beginner to advance surfers, with a
distinct focus on longboarding.

"After years of experience in Surfing, i’ve always enjoyed helping so many women develop their surfing in the line up along the way. I'd constantly get requests to help coach inspirational women in different aspects of their surfing journey. So I’ve finally bitten the bullet after all these years and luckily enough been working closely with Surfing Victoria & their amazing womens Surf Her Way program.  In the process I have learnt so much from the talented team and have become an officially registered surf coach along the way. 
Now I’m so happy to say I will be personally conducting beginner, intermediate & advanced Surf Coaching in association with the Surfing Victoria SURF HER WAY program, along with private ONE on ONE sessions. 
These sessions will be for females in all surfing aspects and ability along with a focus on long boarding development & techniques." - Angela King

To give you the most out of your surf experience Angela is offering term sessions over 5 weeks with SURF HER WAY so you can work towards maximum development & progression with your surfing. 

link below to register for the first SURF HER WAY 5 WEEK program


With the intermediate to advanced longboard ONE on ONE PRIVATE sessions Angela with be offering optional videography services that will also be available during selected lessons. Ange will review all the footage and give you extensive targeted feedback and advice to further assist your progress and get you to your Logging goals sooner.  

If you are interested in any PRIVATE ONE on ONE (or TWO ) SURF COACHING sessions fill out the contact form below to learn more about these session options & rates. 


Angela will be in contact with you shortly x


Photo credits Surf Life- Babes on waves interview 
Willem Dirk Photographer @willem_dirk