Ian Chisholm had a vision to build a surfboard manufacturing business for the open minded surfer like himself. The process was to build quality hand crafted product, with the focus remaining on alternative functioning shapes and designs. Torquay,  Australia,  home of the famous surf break "Bells Beach" was his place of choice.
   Fast forward to more than 10,000 shapes and over 7000 laminations later, Ian is still forging a path in the surf industry for producing the finest hand crafted surfboards. He is one of the only few board builders left in today's manufacturing industry who can build premium boards from design & shapes all the way through to the finished product.
   Ian has worked alongside many reputable surfers that have helped him advance his shapes and develop his skills over the years. These days he is working closely with Craig Harvey, Ben Considine, Jye Whyatt, Billy Whitton, Angela King, Candra Jordan and CJ Nelson to produce a premium range of surfboards from high performance short boards up to small wave gliders, function, quality and attention to detail are always his main focus.
"The reason I have persisted and stayed in the surfboard industry for all these years isn't for the money because the financial rewards aren't substantial. It's truly because I enjoy meeting each person I make a custom for and the connections we make while doing so.  I have built some lifetime friendships through my customers, which I truly cherish and enjoy, I wouldn't be where I am today without them."
"I am also happy to know that my boards and shapes are being produced internationally are being enjoyed by different people all around the world. The connection a surfer has with their surfboard is one not to be underestimated and to know I help create that connection and enjoyment is what keeps the joy alive for me and will continue to do so into the future"


The 'Mind' Behind South Coast Surfboards

In 1995, Ian Chisholm (aka chissa) had a vision to become a reputable board builder and live a lifestyle around the beach. Torquay Victoria australia was his place of choice and more than 10,000 shaped boards and 7000 colored laminations chissa is still forging a path in the surfing industry for producing the finest hand crafted surfboards .


Check out Ian's shapes & concepts being used for the US division under the name