We are Located in the small surf town of Torquay, Also known as the home to internationally renowned surfbreak 'Bells Beach'.

South Coast Surfboards We were established in 1995  with an ambition to create surfboards with traditional craftsmanship methods.Premium Handcrafted Surfboards is the foundation of what we do.

Ian Chisholm

After many years and many surfboards we now utilise our technical and quality controlled expertise to produce a premium product. This skill can only be learnt over time by doing countless handcrafted surfboards.South Coast Surfboards We work on bringing you quality and functional boards that help enhance your surfing and lifestyle ambitions.South coast surfboards Always Striving to remain uninfluenced by the mass consumer trends, We choose instead to set our own agenda with all our products.South coast surfboards We are also proud to say we are a family owned and operated business, Fully immersed in surfing and surf culture.South coast surfboards South coast surfboards

Thank you for taking the time to look through our website, We hope you enjoy it!.

Kindest Regards,Ian Chisholm  &  Angela King

South coast surfboards