Custom Orders

Wanting a board specifically designed to suit your needs? We offer custom surfboards, built for you personally. Work with Ian on your desired custom board to suit your needs.

Custom built boards will be ready roughy 10-12 weeks from purchase dates, depending on specific materials and blanks.  Once we receive an inquiry email, Ian will contact you directly by telephone or email and will work with you directly on building a board that will be best for you. 

How to order a custom shaped board?

Step 1: Send us a brief message with some simple details, including estimation of weight, height, ability surfing and brief description of desired board.

Step 2: Once we receive the email, Ian will contact you directly to discuss all details of the order and work with you, guiding you through the process to receive the board of your dreams. Ian will also discuss delivery to pick up options for your custom.

Step 3: Once the order has been confirmed, we will require a 50% deposit payment.

Step 4: Enjoy your very own custom surfboard.






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