South Coast surfboards Ian chisholm shapes cj Nelson designs

9'2" - 10ft
The Spitfire is influenced solely from the late 1960's transition models being produced on the east coast of Australia. 
Wide point back of centre with a wide pod, a squash tail and a narrower nose. This model is designed to sit in the pocket on point or reef breaks, such as Malibu, Noosa, Byron Bay & Bells Beach where the face of the wave can be round and it is critical to have a board that dosnt slip.
|Fin set up- single glass on or box, With a 10" SCS Classic Fin. |



Here's a fun little surf sesh with South Coast Family member Craig Harvey. Craig is riding the Spitfire model which is custom made to order. The Spitfire is a influence of the late 60s transition models being produced in Australia. Clip Put together by Desert island Media.