RoadTrip 22'

Straight from the warmth of California, Cj and Paul flew down for a month-long roady in Aus. Paul had never been to Aus before and Cj hadn’t been down for at least six years. Both were overdue for a visit. Our mornings started early with a strong coffee and delicious breakfast at Kuya Cafe. Followed by a regular morning surf check. Most days, the surf was pumping at our doorstep. Other days, we took the van for a drive down the coast. 

We got clean waves at Possos reef break, where CJ surfed the 10’ Proto type on a crisp afternoon.
Fair Haven and 13th were epic beach breaks for the 9’9 Oz Proto Type. 3ft, light and on shore. Cj sat in the pocket, holding nose rides in fat mushy sections drawing nice, clean lines on rail. 

 When there was no swell on the Surf Coast we headed straight for the ferry across to the Peninsula. Cj worked his magic on the 9’9 Proto type in Sorrento on a pumping beach break. This model was perfect for this beach break, with plenty of Nose time and turns. After a big afternoon, we had to take Cj and Paul to the Best Vanilla Slice Cafe before heading home. It would have been rude not to. The slice was definitely a 10. 

 In between all the surfing, we were back in the factory refining and updating all shapes and designs. The boys spent down time reviewing footage for Flowish Fridays. 
Winter was hitting hard down south and the swell was dropping so we packed the van and hit the road for Byron Bay. First stop was Merimubla. Another beach break where Cj surfed the 7’6 Single fin Proto Type. The waves here were really onshore, bumpy and sectioning. However, he glided in with early entry and held speed, while linking up carving turns all the way to the beach.  The waves were looking better further up, so we decided to cut our time in Merimbula short to get to Ulladulla. This is where Paul and Cj swapped between the 9’9 Proto Type and the 7’ Proto type. We drove through Kempsey and found a sick old school diner to stop at. After some good food we smashed out the drive to Byron Bay.  

Finally we got to Byron to meet up with the rest of the Family. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining everyday. We had the whole crew up there. Billy even came down from Noosa. The house was pretty full to say the least. For the first few days we surfed Lennox with Ange and the kids. CJ surfed the 9’9 Proto Type. Lennox was a left and right sand bar, peeling all the way to the shore. Cj ripped on the 9’9, linking turns with crazy nose rides. The board performed unbelievably well. More than what we expected. 

Dinner that night was at the Treehouse at Belongil. The wood fired pizzas and halloumi with honey were an absolute hit.  

Another favourite was The Pass, Byron Bay. We pretty much spent most days here in the sunshine- tanning and surfing.  Ange surfed her 9’6 Slasher here and Chiz on his 10’6 Aus Slasher. Paul, who usually rides a short board, tried out Chiz’ 10’6 and was frothing. Cj surfed his 9’9 Proto type and had the longest nose rides on the sand bottom point break. After too much sun and being completely surfed out, sushi train with the crew was the perfect way to end our days.  We may have made a few trips to the Love Byron Bay - Crêperie & Chocolate Boutique for dessert.  

Broken head was pumping on our last day and the sun was hot. The crew headed to Broken for their final surf. 

After dropping Cj at the airport, it was time to get back to business. Ange and Ian spent another week developing production at the heart of the glass factory. Before heading home, Ian stopped in Sydney to pick up some blanks at Bennetts. 

I think Southy is due for another roady- looks like California could be next.

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