9’6 Aus Slasher $1850.00

9’6 x 23 x 3

Resin swirl pigment detailing on the bottom. 

The Australian Slasher is the best all round classic longboard. Inspired by the young Australian surfers,designers and shapers of the late 60's, where Ian Chisholm takes a lot of his  inspiration. The Aus Slasher is a involvement style board,That allows you to whip, Trim, Turn and Perch. Ian has been Shaping and producing the Slasher for 20yrs. This Design has been vitality revived with the help of CJ Nelson and has become a favourite of Cjs allowing him to execute his power logging like never before. 
| Size Range 9’0 to 10ft |
| Fin Options - Single Fin, glass on or Fin Box |