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9’1 AR18

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Ian’s personal  in excellent second hand condition 

9’1 x22 1/2 x 2 3/4

This model is the longboard you have when you want to surf anywhere and in any conditions from 1ft-8ft. Wanting to Nose Ride?  This board feels like solid ground while walking to the nose. It is designed with a slight nose concave, foiled out to a mini chime on the rails. This allows the board to hold to the face of the wave in steep pockets, with a lift out of the water which gives you great nose time.

When you want to go fast and turn on rail doing either long powerful turns or tight snaps in the pocket this board has the refined combination of rocker, rail thickness and edge through to the tail to make it feel like a shortboard when turning.

        The final piece in this board is that it is brought together with an overall feel that makes it the smoothest, flowing board that you will probably ever ride.