5’8 JELLY FISH $900.00

5'8 x 22 x 2 5/8

I wanted a mini Symmonds but I love my traditional style fish. So Ian and I got talking as we both knew that these proven designs are great we are always looking to create something new. The jellyfish was born. A really short board to fit into tight pockets, has the speed of a Symmonds and the control of a fish. Heavier footed surfers (me) I would suggest riding a quad for a bit more hold and drive. Lighter footed surfers I would suggest keel or modern style twin fin setup. This is a great board for the smaller end of your quiver, when the waves are a bit small for your regular shorty and too short and punchy for a longboard. Also performs great I’m drawn out point breaks from 2 to 5 feet