5’6 Mini Winki Simmons $950.00

5’6 x 22 x 2 1/2

~Glass on Custom volan quad fins
~ Custom traditional leggy roving

~beige tint top and bottom with custom pigment coat circle detailing.

The Mini Winki Simmons special. 

Inspired by the man behind the original design Bob Simmons.

Ian has been enjoying shaping this design with his personal twist as a mini hull for years.  

It represents a shift from heavy displacement to light displacement.

Length plays a role in speed, to a point. Appropriate length captures the maximum principle of resurgence, as water is pushed away, it rebounds and assists the hull.

Width plays a key role in delivering kinetic energy to the rail, the leading edge, that gives deflection. All planing hulls are deflectors of water.

Put all the scientific theories aside.

The Winki Mini is the perfect board for speed, Flow & responsive turns. It also has enough volume to help paddle in early to set yourself to fly down the line. 

Performs best in fast hollow waves.