Kids FISH Ian Chisholm Shapes South Coast Surfboards
The Cuttlefish is the perfect miniature twin Fin for all kids to enjoy. 
It’s Suitable as a beginners board with a wide centre point making it super stable to pop up.   
With its pulled in fish tail, It will also allow those little legs to push off the back foot for great turning and monuevous.  
It’s twin fin set up opens it up with freedom of speed and flow, Allowing the Cuttlefish to get around those white water sections. 
If your child is an advanced or intermediate level surfer. The Cuttlefish still dose all the above but just responds at an advanced level.  
Essentially the Cuttlefish is the perfect board that your child won’t out grow. It will progress with the surfers ability and is great in all conditions. 
It will become a staple in your little persons quiver. 
Available in 4’2”, 4’4”, 4’8” & 5’0” The rest of the dimensions are made custom to suit.