South Coast surfboards Ian Chisholm
The purest joys of surfing a longboard for the first time as an adult can be expressed feeling like a big kid.
Usually it’s then followed by the regret of wishing and wondering why you hadnt tried surfing a Longboard earlier in life. 
Well let’s start now.
Introducing our kids mini Log, The Splinter. 
Why limit a kids surfing and expressive mind by starting on a beginners soft top to progress only to a generic and Standard shortboard like everyone else.
We believe exsposing children to all aspects of surfing will only help grow the passion and desire to enjoy the ocean in all conditions. 
The Splinter is an involvement style single fin miniature log with concave on the nose to allow perch practice and time for those tiny toes. Refined with a 50/50 rail to have momentum with consistent flow through the lineup.
Allowing your grommet to perfect their cross stepping and walking the board skills. 
Finished with a slight hip & lift in the tail to enhance turning & control under those little feet. 
The Splinter is a miniature down scaled Longboard like us adults all like to enjoy.
So It is the perfect way to introduce any kid to the joys of logging and the freedom to glide.
Available from 6’8 to 7’10 the rest of the dimensions are made custom to size and ability.