Billy Whitton  Billy lives and grew up in the small coastal fishing town of Barwon Heads in Victoria.

He is known for his classic refined traditional style of longboarding which is an absolute pleasure to watch. Yet unknown to most, he is not just limited to longboarding with his surfing, Billy can surf all style of boards and dose it well. He started surfing on a short board and fell in love with longboarding later down the track. 

Being a reserved unstated chareter his surfing speaks for itself, He can perch on the nose effortlessly on his ‘Aus Noserider’ while linking roundhouse flowing turns on his ‘Slot Machine’ .

Billy isnt fussed on performing on a competion level but when he dose his always someone to watch out for.

We can see what ever path Billy chooses to go on he will succeed just as he dose on whatever board he chooses to surf on.