8” AR-18 Jason Blewitt Signature $110.00

This George Greenough inspired rake fin has been developed and used for over 20 years all around the world by Jason Blewitt giving him the perfect fin to become World Number 2 twice, and also a 3 time Australian Open Champion along the way.
With some slight adjustments to the template to suit Jason by design and by chance with a couple of reef bounces along the way to assist - this template allows the longboard surfer and mid length 2 plus 1 set up to conquer all conditions.
Giving you the drive off the bottom and through long sweeping turns along with enough depth to allow for hold while noseriding in the pocket.
Wide base for drive, narrow tip for control, available in the 7 inch length for more performance surfing and 8 inch length for a smoother ride.

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